Monday, May 4, 2015

Mixed Plate: Introducing.... DOG!

So... indulge me yet ANOTHER week of short, non-food related posts. It's a really good excuse, I swear. We've gained a new addition to the family -- I'm happy to announce the arrival of BK, aka Bua Kao (white lotus in Thai), aka Beeks as we sometimes call her, and I'm a bit preoccupied with getting this baby girl settled in. She's had a long, storied life for her short three-plus years on this wild and crazy planet. She's been blessed with loving households, saved from a flood in Thailand by good people, and she's made her way to our household. And she totally knows where the kitchen is. But we're all about keeping her healthy, so no Pity Hamburgers for this dog. Although I admit, it's hard not to say, HAVE ALL THE HAMBURGERS, BEEKS. Anyways, if you're interested in learning her full story, feel free to read it on my other blog, the Jaunty Magpie. Otherwise, don't be surprised if this new little fuzzy girl makes a few appearances on the blog, looking mournful and longing for whatever I'm cooking up. Welcome to the blog-world, BK.

Oh... hai. I'm BK. Nice to meet you. FEED ME. - Photo by Wasabi Prime

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