Monday, April 27, 2015

Mixed Plate: HBD.... to ME!

Another year down and while I am older... I wouldn't necessarily say I'm any more wise. But I'm smart enough to say, dammit, I'm giving myself a Birthday Blog Holiday. I'm gonna eat cake. Maybe not this cake, because it's already long gone, but a sweet pastry of some sort. And I'm gonna just chill out. My day of birth was over the weekend, nuttin' special, but whatever, I'm celebrating it all week by trying to relax and take it easy. More importantly, IT'S THE MISTER'S BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! Brock's birthday is on Weds. We're like twins. But not. Because that'd be weird. Anyways, I'm sure there will be cake, or more likely, hamburgers, which is fine by me. So HBD to us both, old folks that we are -- now git off my lawn! 

Birthday Cake and Blog Break. HBD to me! - Photo by Wasabi Prime

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