Monday, April 13, 2015

UnRecipe: An Egg-splosion of Flavor!

Don't give me that look of, "...but Easter was, like, FOREVER ago." You still have more than a few brightly-hued hard-boiled eggs sitting in your fridge, staring at you, begging you for a Special Purpose. Begone, glazed-over stares into the fridge! I present to you the BEA Sandwich. (Bacon Egg Avocado). *Boom* (that's me, dropping the mike on the stage and walking away)

Beautiful eggs that I couldn't bear to crack. OK, I eventually gave in - Photo by Wasabi Prime

I'd have opened this post with a photo of the aforementioned BEA Sandwich, but seriously, these eggs are beautiful, right?? I didn't dye these, Mr. Wasabi/The Mister/Brock was the egg artiste behind these, and he did a gorgeous job. He asked for some egg dye over Easter weekend, I guess he had the bee in his bonnet to color eggs. I was lamenting how I couldn't find the plain old PAAS dye kits -- everything was glitter/sticker/tie-dye/marble something-or-other. Nothing plain!! I found the simplest kit -- "tie dye," which looked absolutely the same as "marbled," and cost the same. I grumbled on the way home like an old lady screaming at kids to git off mah lawn.

But the finished product is beautiful, no? So beautiful that it took me a while to finally crack into these lovelies and use them for their intended purpose -- shoving into our hungry faces. Brock was the one that suggested egg salad sandwiches, so along with the egg dye, I picked up a jar of relish and a bottle of yellow mustard. No fancy "Do you have any Grey Poupon" for this egg salad -- we're going OG, Original Gangstah on these sammiches. P.S. - I already had mayo in the fridge.

Hot buns, yo - Photo by Wasabi Prime
I did, however, put some flourishes on the egg salad sandwich-making: I baked challah buns, which I love for sandwiches. They're soft, fluffy, flavorful bread that soak up the somewhat messy egg salad filling. No, you don't have to make your own buns, I just felt it was fitting for the beautiful eggs. Check out my previous post on challah-making, if you wish to do the same. Another flourish was mixing finely minced red onion into the egg/mustard/relish/mayo mixture, for added crunch and some onion-heat, which I like. I mashed some avocado into the egg salad as well, mostly to help firm it up a bit more before assembling the sandwiches; it adds nice richness but I recommend doing this in a separate, smaller bowl. Just mix the avocado with whatever egg salad you're going to use for the sandwiches you're making, so that it's freshly combined and keeps the avocado from discoloring.

Egg Salad Sandwich, meet your new soulmate, Fix Hot Sauce - Photos by Wasabi Prime
The major flavor kick was a surprise guest star -- a hefty squeeze of my new condiment obsession: Fix Hot Sauce. They're a local Seattle-area company, who started making this Sriracha-style small-batch hot sauce last year, using quality organic, all-natural ingredients. The sauce's development was based on authentic South Asian flavors, specifically that wonderful sweet/savory/umami of Vietnamese cuisine. The team reached out to me a little while ago, asking if I was interested in sampling their product -- they know I'm kind of a hot sauce/condiment nut -- and upon receiving a bottle, I tried a spoonful with gusto. Frankly, it's what Sriracha should be. Sweet, spicy, brightly flavorful, and something that I rarely say about hot sauces: FRESH. A lot of hot sauces have more of a smoky, dry spice flavor -- which is great, don't get me wrong -- but Fix tasted like someone took a mortar and pestle, ground up fresh chili peppers, herbs and aromatics, and poured that delicious mixture in a bottle. There's a reason they call it Fix, because it's totally going to make you want to Break Bad every chance you get, and put it on anything and everything -- it's a good thing there's some decent spice to it, I'd totally eat it with a spoon. It will be especially nice for summer foods -- burgers, hot dogs, veggies -- anything on the grill that needs a quick hit of sweet spice. Fix Hot Sauce is so popular, the main site currently says their main HQ is out of stock, but they recommend checking out their store on Amazon, which seems to still have a supply.

The BEA (Bacon/Egg/Avocado) - taking sandwiches to Eleven - Photo by Wasabi Prime
This added kick of spice and flavor made for a dy-no-mite egg salad sandwich. Layered between a fresh bed of greens, more slices of avocado, crispy bacon, between bacon fat-toasted challah buns, this BEA Sandwich was the BEA's Knees. (haha, I pun) Everyone has their own way of making egg salad, but I do recommend this customization combo. You and your leftover Easter egg-filled fridge will thank you.

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