Monday, January 19, 2015

Mixed Plate: Whew... I Need to Catch My Breath...

I'm the last person to have a moment of pause for the cause of Sportsing. But... HOLYOMFGCRAP!! Dat Game. Whether you're a Seattle or a Green Bay fan, the Seahawks vs Packers game for this year's NFC Championship could best be described as nothing-nothing-nothing-WHOA, DID THAT SERIOUSLY JUST HAPPEN?!?!!!!!!!!

So my voice is hoarse from the screaming and shouting -- even though we weren't at the game, but in friends' anxiously crowded living room -- my head's a bit fuzzy, some shock, but mostly mimosas. And I'm in a daze as much as the rest of Washington State because HOLY MOLY, WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL (AGAIN). Or the Superb Owl, as we like to call it. So let me take a week to bask in a fugue state of I Still Can't Believe It, and I'll get right back to bloggery. But until then... still wondering if it really happened. Because, you know, Seattle can't just be happy, we have to be cautious, neurotic, suspicious winners with everything. GO HAWKS.

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