Monday, November 24, 2014

Mixed Plate: Happy Thanksgiving - It's Totally Fine if You Just Order a Pizza

Everyone's posting all these lovely Thanksgiving-themed posts of glorious feasts, side dishes and pumpkin pies made from magical heritage pumpkin unicorns. Not me. I'm living in-the-now, feverishly prepping for Actual Thanksgiving, no pre-Thanksgiving post set to go live like other more prepared bloggers. I keep it real, yo. Which is to say, I ain't got time for that noise -- oh hey, is the kitchen on fire...? So here, enjoy some fine autumnal squash:

Drink enough wine and the script seems to say: Whore Fall - Photo by Wasabi Prime
Oh yes, and don't forget -- it's not Christmas yet, so keep rocking the decorative gourds (and squash). Happy Thanksgiving, y'alls -- GET STUFFED.

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