Monday, July 29, 2013

Mixed Plate: Viva Las Vacation

If you didn't already see from my Twitter Feed, I am in the exact opposite of the Evergreen State. I'm in the land Scorched by Fire. And Elvis. Yes, I'm currently in the Devil's Playground, aka, Adult Disneyland, aka, Las Vegas, meeting up with family and friends for a totally wholesome reunion. It is, after all, the Ninth Island, and you'll see more Hawaii people in Vegas than you will their home state. But fear not, I return this week, slightly sun-crisped, and ready for more bloggeriffic misadventures. I can already guarantee my Vegas shenanigans aren't as epic as a SyFy Original (Read: Cheesy) movie, starring Malcom in the Middle and Barry "I love this crazy town" Bostwick. Viva -- blog atcha soon, beautiful babies.

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