Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day - Stop Reading Blogs and Relax!

Follow our dog, Indy's lead, and do... nothing. Seriously. If you don't have to work today, if you're lucky enough to have the day off, get away from the computer until Tuesday morning rears its angry Monday-like head.

Let sleeping dogs lie this Labor Day - Pthoto by Wasabi Prime

I realize it's Labor Day, but I'm all about being contrarian and doing the exact opposite, so for the Prime, it's Non-Labor Day. I'm not doing anything. I'm probably still sleeping. And if I'm awake, I'll likely not change out of my jammies for a full 24 hours when I'm forced to peel my tree sloth-like form from an indentation in the couch. Ewwww. The blog/social media world doesn't often take breaks, it's kind of a 24/7 gig of constant broadcasting of mundane daily information, but I'm betting everyone else is kickin' it lazyschool today, so back to the crucial main point of this rather lackluster post: be like Indy and be a lazy dog today. Happy Do-Nothing Day.

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