Friday, April 1, 2011

Wasabi-nouncement: It's Official. I'm a Workaholic.

I normally don't do Friday posts, but usually I try and take the time to do periodic updates over what I've been doing outside of the blog, also known as SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION POST! Which, along with this post totally being that, I'm just checking in the with universe to see if everyone else is workin' like a crazy mofo too??

A portrait of Wasabi's brain on the last few months - crazy photo collage by Wasabi Prime

I don't really have a prettier way of showing what the Wasabi Life has been looking like over the last few months. This helpful diagram is probably the most informative way to illustrate the flowchart that inevitably leads to magenta scribbles floating around my unwashed, in-dire-need-of-a-haircut noggin. Not that I'm saying I'm miserable -- far from it. I'm just letting you know, apologies in advance if I just need to lay down an nap for a while, because it's been busy and it continues to remain busy as I hurdle through the week's deadlines with gazelle-like grace and fury. OK maybe no grace or fury. More like awkward stumbling and much swearing like a sailor.

But if you feel so inclined to see what I've been up to, you can take a gander at the latest menagerie of Wasaberie:
  • Grab the latest copy of 425 Magazine, the spring health-themed issue that includes an article I wrote, listing some favorite salads around the 425 area code.
  • Also on local newsstands and online - the spring issue of Bellevue Downtown Magazine, where I shot the cover and wrote a feature about new restaurant openings
  • If you live in the Bay Area, grab a copy of Drink Me Magazine, or check it out online - I regularly develop booze-a-riffic themed recipes for them
  • Speaking of recipe development, I worked on a tasty mini lamb burger with the folks at MySpiceSage, to show how you can use sumac in cooking
  • And last, but certainly not least, I'm happy to say I'm a regular contributing writer at new online food magazine, Honest Cooking, and I have a monthly column called Sense Memory
I've been extremely lucky to work on these projects and I'm very grateful to have been given the chance to write about and photograph the things I love. I just happened to see the calendar, realize it's the first of April, and I know I'll feel like much less of a workin' fool if I know everyone else is doing the same crazy stuff every day to keep following their bliss, 24/7, never beggin' for a raincheck, as the sage wisdom of Fred Durst of  Limp Bizkit would say. So, Sanity Check time: everyone else is multitasking, doing a minimum of three different jobs, and flitting around like a hummingbird from project to project... right? People are nodding. I'm sure of it. Safety in numbers.

So as we enter this realm called "The Weekend," and I hope to partake in some of its weekending goodness in the form of a frosty alcoholic beverage (or three), I leave you with another little glimpse into my sorry excuse for what I do in my spare time. Because even when I'm doing something as granny-tastic as embroidery, I still can't stay away from food. I'm either one step away from a recovery clinic or an Etsy shop, whatever comes first.

Even when  I'm crafting, it's still food-related. Help me. Someone. Before it's too late. - Photo by Wasabi Prime

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  1. Denise - you have been a busy bee! Congrats on all those projects, I am so impressed!

  2. You left out graciously squeezing in an illustration project for some yokel down south.

  3. Aww Wasabi, I'm so proud of you! What a fantastic year for you!
    I knew you roasted your own coffee beans, but crafting too? Impressive.

  4. Thanks for all the support -- and Chris, despite the scrambling around, as God is my witness, I will find the time for my yokels down south!! ;)

  5. Etsy. Etsy. Congrats! Busy is good, can't wait to read your column - heading over to Honest Cooking now.

  6. creative I like the craft beautifully done


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