Friday, April 29, 2011

A Moment of Remembrance for One Who Inspired so Many

The Seattle food and literary community lost a bright star when Kim Ricketts, founder of Kim Ricketts Book Events, passed away earlier this week. Her true love of books brought people together, and her events created genuine human connections between writers and readers. Cookbooks were brought to life when dishes went from page to platter at dinners where the authoring chefs could present their meals to intimate crowds and people could enjoy food the way they were meant to be -- shared and celebrated by many.

When you share a book, you share your heart - thank you, Kim.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kim a few times and she was, and will forever remain, a charming and kind soul. You never doubted her enthusiasm for art, culture and the need to preserve intelligent, creative forms of expression. Words of encouragement were given generously, as was her time for community events and charitable causes. While many hearts are weighted with sadness, her legacy of humanity and the tenacious pursuit of reminding people of the importance of books will lift those heavy hearts in time.

May Kim Ricketts' incredible love of family and friends inspire your own heart to love with abandon, embrace each day with purpose and most of all, take a book you love and share it with someone, continuing that profound connection between books and people.

If you wish to make a donation in Kim's honor, please go to the Kim Ricketts Book Events website for more information.

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