Monday, April 25, 2011

Mixed Plate: It's a Wasabi-Holiday

While I'm loath to announce such a thing (it's not even on my Facebook page!), yes indeed, it is my birthday today. April 25th-a-roo, and not only is it happening on Easter Monday, I'm taking the opportunity to give myself the greatest gift of all. No, not love. Not even a fur coat. I'm not posting anything beyond this old photo. That is, in fact me, age 1, in our old backyard in Torrance, California, wearing a ridiculous Easter bonnet, my dad withholding a tantalizing basket of easily breakable eggs, with my mother likely feeling tired and worn out, taking the photo. The picture is a little shopworn and old, but then again... so am I. Happy Birthday, Wasabi.

Crack the egg... release the Wasabi... enjoy - Photo by Wasabi Mom

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  1. Love it! Happy B'day bonnet babe!

  2. Happy Birthday! That's such a cute picture.


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