Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mixed Plate: First Shameless Plug of the Year - and oh yes, DESSERT!

It's still cold and heavy sweater-friendly weather, so why not have a bit of dessert before bikini weather comes a-calling? And what goes better with a tasty dessert than... a new magazine. Yes, indeedy, it's the first Utterly Shameless Plug of 2011 (enter generic Ren-Fair announcement music here): if you live in or around the Seattle Metro area, pick up  your Jan/Feb copy of 425 Magazine. I've got an article with sweeeeeeeet, sweet desserts listed for your sugartoothed pleasure.

Chocolate dessert from Barking Frog, paired with suggested reading material - Photo by Wasabi Prime

This is actually a "director's cut" of the article -- I just wanted to show a couple of the photos that didn't make the final edit, which is totally understandable, as it's a pretty full issue. And you should get a copy for no other reason than checking out the insanely adorable wedding photos of this couple, Kara and Brandon, who did this beautifully clever vintage/country-themed wedding. I don't know these people, but I really wish I did because their wedding was so. freaking. cute. And I've become somewhat blerg over weddings in my granny-like pragmatic tendencies -- I was completely in love with how thoughtful theirs looked.

But I digress -- I wanted to show off a couple of the photos of this amazing beet and chili-infused chocolate dessert that's served at the Barking Frog in Woodinville. The color is amazing, no? It inspires me to use beets more, in both sweet and savory dishes, despite its tendency to make your kitchen utensils look like a Barbie World. The dessert's flavor is outstanding, as there's just the right mix of sweet and heat. I also wanted to show a photo of the runaway peacock from the neighboring Chateau Ste. Michelle winery across the road. He was hanging around the window when I was shooting photos. He kept peering into the window, as if to say, "Save some for me, Wasabi!"

The other photo is of the delicious salted caramels from Purple Cafe. These were from the Woodinville location, but they serve them at all their restaurants. I've never been a huge sherry or port drinker, but with these, I can't have them without a little glass of either. With Valentine's Day coming up, I see a gift box order of these in my future.

Peacock wants dessert! - Photos by Wasabi Prime

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  1. just one question- can i please have your autograph before you get famous?

    oh, and your idea of research is right in line with mine!

  2. congrats on the article! Too bad I don't live up there, I would pick up a copy of the real thing!

  3. Hey-congrats to you; well deserved! Great press!


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