Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank You For Your Support: A Non-Election Message from The Prime

Admit it. You're glad election day is OVER. No more negative ad campaigns literally fighting it out across commercial breaks, no more mailboxes stuffed full of paper mailers from all the candidates, and best of all -- no more endless phone calls that were getting seriously disruptive, calling as late as 8:30 and 9:00 in the evening (for serious, it was that bad). Don't get me wrong, I voted and I encourage everyone to do the same for every election because after all, if you don't vote, you can't rightfully complain and berate the state of affairs later on like a proper curmudgeon. Rock the Vote! Despite having said all that, I, Wasabi Prime (aka, Denise Sakaki - yes, I'm a girl, not a dude), would like to ask for your support on the following issues: Dinner, Breakfast and Dessert. Let the political stumping begin.

It's here! It's here -- so buy twelve copies each!!  Foodista's Best of Food Blogs Cookbook in bookstores now!

If you haven't already put this lil' gem on Santa's Wishlist, get Foodista's Best of Food Blogs Cookbook on that list. Because it's way better than a pony or a BB gun. This cookbook will most certainly not shoot your eye out, and offer a ton of tasty recipes by fellow food bloggers. Win-win, right??

I was truly fortunate and grateful to have one of my own recipes chosen to be published in this book, and it couldn't be in better company. If anything, my Nice Girl's Chicken Puttanesca recipe is probably wondering when a bouncer is going to kick it to the curb after being allowed to mingle amongst such well known food bloggers. As the daunting holiday season of gift-giving arrives, do consider this cookbook as a gift, as there really is a bit of everything for everyone. The recipes have a range of flavors as well as skill levels, plus knowing each recipe was chosen from an individual food blog makes each item special and personal, knowing an individual is attached to each recipe and photo.

I like my eggs runny and my comics funny - check out my breakfast article in newest 425 Magazine

As you balance that teetering stack of Foodista cookbooks in your hands at the check-out counter, don't forget to pass by the magazine rack and see the latest issue of 425 Magazine, if you live in the Pacific Northwest. I was very excited to share some favorite breakfast/brunch locations in the magazine's Flavor column, which was a really fun thing to write and photograph. I won't spoil the surprise of which ones made the cut, but I can say they are all unique locations with their own twist on savory and sweet ways to start the day.

Save room for dessert - a tasty alternate way to enjoy your alcohol in Drink Me Magazine

Speaking of sweet, don't forget to leave room for dessert -- take a peek at the recipe I developed for Drink Me Magazine, for a very rich and flavorful brownie and ice cream made with beer. Their latest issue, titled The Alchemy of Alcohol, is full of interesting articles and is available as a free download on their site. The magazine is available in print in the Bay Area. This was probably one of my most favorite recipes I've worked on so far, as I was really pleased with how the chocolate in the brownie went so well with the smoky coffee flavor of a porter beer, and the maltiness of an ale pairs nicely with the sweetness of a simple ice cream. Beer for dessert? Don't knock it till you try it!

To finish off this post in proper politico style, I send out rounds of kisses to little babies, a round of handshakes to all, a cheesy wink to the camera, and a sincere closing statement of: I thank you for your support!

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  1. Nice Yummy thanks for share deserts.

  2. WOW! I don't care if its a played out cliche, but YOU GO GIRL! Beyond stoked for all of your publishing success ^_^

  3. Congratulations! I loved your article in 425 this month - nice follow up to a great beer story :)

  4. Wasabi, I'm so proud of you! Excellent work. Fun to see your name in print :)


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