Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mixed Plate: Giving Thanks

This is just a short Thanksgiving Day thank-you post to all the bloggers and supporters who came out on November 20th, to make the Will Bake for Food bake sale a big hit! And a special shout-out to all the fabulous folks I got to chat with, meet for the first time, and old friends I hadn't seen in waaaaay too long. I don't know what gave me a bigger high, the sugar rush from all the sweets or just being around all you amazing, wonderful folks.

Will Bake for Food booty - Photo by Wasabi Prime

This is the last trace of the goodies I was lucky to purchase -- as in, it's just this photo, because the sweets have been thoroughly om-nommed by now. The bake sale was such a runaway hit, I didn't get a chance to buy nearly as much as I wanted because everything sold out so fast!! I only wish I priced my simple sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies a little higher, as I really didn't think my own meager baked good offering would sell out so quickly as well. Well, live and learn -- and expect ticket inflation the next time I do a bake sale!

Much thanks to The Jennys for making this even happen and inspiring everyone with the energy to find more ways to do good, as every little bit helps in the great cosmic shape of things. I think my karma needs some touch-ups, as you can see what I did with my nametag stickers when I got home. Indy the Wonderpupple was double-nametagged in my sugar-addled fit of being totally punchy. Don't worry, we took them off with no harm done to the fuzzy pup. While we couldn't share the sugary sweets with her, we made sure to sneak her a little bit of bacon the next morning. Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!!

Yet another reason Indy hates me - Photos by Wasabi Prime
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  1. Sorry to have missed it! All the fun stuff lands on days when I have to be at work. :/ Happy post-Thanksgiving!


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