Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mixed Plate: Wasabi Calls in Sick and Stops to Smell the Roses

It had been a while since the Prime felt under the weather. It’s always the same old thing – you start feeling the hint of a cold creeping up, so you get into defensive ninja mode with vitamin C, tea, and most likely extra rest. Inevitably, this SWAT team action tends to nip the icky feeling in the bud, however as un-luck would have it, I was ignoring the signs, especially after some work was ramping up and really putting things into crunch mode, plus it happened to be the week Mr. Wasabi was gone on a business trip. From Friday through Sunday, I lost a weekend and had to be a lame-o bail-out on several parties and gatherings with friends as a result of my feeling under the weather. In retrospect, the house arrest was probably what I needed to keep from being a total maniac with my to-do list clutched in a white-knuckled fist.

Feeling sick? Homemade pizza cures everything - Photo by Wasabi Prime

One would think having the house to oneself would be peaceful -- and it was -- but the Workaholic Wasabi rests for no one, and realized that one of the best things about Brock is that he forces me to slow down and disengage from the day. Without him, I'm a dervish whirling at Tazmanian Devil speed, wondering when I'll spontaneously combust, but more than likely it just makes me sick. In the feeling of not-so-greatness, I was blessed with a couple of things -- some extra time to just indulge in comfort food and a visit with a friend who brought incredible roses from her mother's garden.

Stop and smell the roses, dammit - Photos by Wasabi Prime

I used to think giving flowers was somewhat bittersweet -- they're lovely when you have them, but then you're faced with that inevitable task of disposing the wilted, dead blooms after their moment in the spotlight is over. I stopped sending my mom flowers for Mother's Day and would just send practical things like a new set of knives or a couple of Silpats. But flowers?? What's the point? Everything dies, youth fades -- oh, the humanity of it all! Oh, enough, already. I've gotten over that fatalist bummer point of view because, for heaven's sake, flowers are pretty, they smell nice and they really do brighten up a room. Especially when you've got a bouquet so huge you can split them into two smaller ones and it decorates twice the space! When a friend like Miss Shutterbug, aka, the Fabulous Sabrina (check out her portrait work!) comes over with a giant bouquet of flowers and shares a bit of caprese-inspired pizza while watching Pride and Prejudice with an under-the-weather friend, that's the best medicine that money can never buy.

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  1. I do believe you are a soul-mate. That's EXACTLY how I like to be sick - mellow, comfort food and watching Pride and Prejudice! If you tell me it's the epic BBC production with Colin Firth, then I'll know for sure that we are meant to be! lol Lovely roses, your friend is a real sweetheart!

  2. Normally, I'd have gone for the classic Colin Firth-fabulousness, but I had a borrowed copy of the recent remake with Matthew Macfayden (loved him on Spooks), so wanted to check that out. Austen is a good thing to enjoy on a feeling-not-so-great day, no?


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