Monday, September 13, 2010

OMG a Recipe: No Carb Left Behind

I can blame the Eat, Pray, Love hype or just admit that I love a good pizza now and then -- either way, I decided to have a whirlwind romance of my own with homemade pizza. I played around with flavors and came up with a surprisingly delicious combination that resulted in a Proscuitto, Goat Cheese and Wild Huckleberry Jam Pizza.

Affair-worthy pizza - Photo by Wasabi Prime

I've used this flatbread recipe several times before -- it's thanks to the good folks at Epicurious who published Ben Ford's recipe. It's simple and it works with home ovens, which I know can be a sticking point for getting crusts baked just-right. I tend to make a batch of the flatbreads first, baking them till lightly brown and then keeping them in an airtight container before adding toppings and then using the broiler to both roast the fresh ingredients and give the crust a nice char.

Inspired by meticulous berry-picking - Photos by Wasabi Prime

The inspirational ingredient was the jam made from the tart wild huckleberries that grow in our backyard. They're tiny little things that take several pickings to get a jar's worth of jam, but it's got a nice bite that makes me think of cranberry sauce, which would be a fine substitute if you don't have wild huckleberries handy -- I can't imagine everyone does. I didn't add much sugar, just to keep its use open for savory dishes. I thought the rich, salty flavor of prosciutto and a creamy goat cheese would round out and balance the flavor profile. The jam served as the base, then a few soft pinches of the goat cheese, and then a layering of the prosciutto. A few hefty sprinkles of black pepper gave it some bite, and under the broiler it went. The thin slices of fatty meat crisp up, the cheese gets soft and melty, and the edges of the bread develop a darker char. The resulting dish is both savory and lightly sweet, as you can't hide the fact that it's a fruit based sauce, but it lends itself as a nice balance to the heavier flavor of the pork.

Wasabi's Pizzeria - Photos by Wasabi Prime 

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  1. Nice pix and good formula. All was fine until we got to the JAM part. Sorry, but this is a NO FRUIT and No Sweet part of the pizza world. The mentioned jam wil have a happy life on toast of all kinds, but not on my pizza. Thanks for sharing your stuff.


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