Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey! Look Over Here! Only Child Syndrome and Drink Me Issue 9 is out!

You know what time it is!! I know, many are thinking, ... hm, lunch? Mid-afternoon Starbucks break...? Ohhh no, Friendos, it's Shameless Self Promotion Time! If that were a number on a clock, you know there would be a giant WP on it. With lights. And maybe some glitter. What can I say? I'm an only child. We draw disapproving stares like moths to a flame. But on to the business at hand -- check out the latest issue of Drink Me Magazine, now on e-stands (or actual newsstands if you live in California), because you can pair melted cheese with a lifetime of college regret by enjoying this Spicy Tequila Fondue Recipe crafted by Yours Truly.

Get it -- right now! Yeah, I'm talkin' to YOU! - Photo by Wasabi Prime

I know tequila has had a bad rep for a long time. Too many have fallen victim to poor judgement and a lack of impulse control, all resulting in a number of regrettable tattoos, quickie annulments and a psychologically damaged farm animal or three. Don't blame the messenger -- tequila's just trying to show someone a good time, not cause an uproar of social graces. It's not only delicious when paired with food like a good wine, it's not a bad thing to cook with. I've used it in marinades, as it adds a nice bit of sweetness to flank steak if you're grilling it up for fajitas. Simmering it a cheddar fondue, swapping out wine with the agave nectar of the gods, seemed a fitting experiment to try, to much tasty results.

So if you're wanting a little more kick to your melted cheese dip, give it a try. Get your free PDF copy of the latest issue of Drink Me here on their website. By the way, the liquor gets burned off, so if a 1970s-terrific fondue party results in any Key Parties, don't hold tequila to blame for that one!
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  1. Congrats on your new Drink Me article. What a cool magazine to write for :) The tequila fondue sounds delicious. The photo is so yummy it make me drool.


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