Sunday, August 22, 2010

UnRecipe: Wasabi for One

The Prime was on her own for a few days when Mr. Wasabi was off on a business trip in the faraway lands of Germany for a video game conference. Yes, they really do have those, and you can see a photo of Mr. Wasabi, aka, Brock, the third photo down on IndieGameSoup's post on Gamescom, looking very tired but smiling anyways.  As for myself and Miss Indy, the fuzzy pup, were happily remaining on the homefront. Because it's just me, myself and I, it's Dinner for One, which means quickie meals that don't require a lot of fuss or dirty dishes.

Farmers market goodies fit for roasting - Photo by Wasabi Prime

One of the easy dinner-for-one meals I do is roasted vegetable burritos. I know, it sounds bacheloriffic, something that would likely fit a college student, and maybe it is, but it's a meal where I can roast up all the vegetables ahead of time and dole it out, one meal at a time. It works for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you only need a plate to microwave it, all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. I know that sounds uninspired but when I'm cooking for just myself, I don't really "treat" myself since I know any mess I make, I have to clean up myself, so the only treat is not having to do much in the way of dirty dishes.

On the plus side, the roasted vegetable burrito is a nice way to take advantage of fresh veggies from the market. Pattypan squash, aka UFO squash, as I like to call them, are both adorable, colorful and delicious. They roast up nicely and don't require much prep -- just cut off the stem, slice into chunks and roast with some salt, pepper and oil. I had some pretty thin-skinned eggplant as well, so it made for a pleasant mix of vegetables, along with some black beans and shredded cheese.

Dinner for one is surprisingly fun - Photos by Wasabi Prime

Stay tuned for more Wasabi-for-One meals, as I did several easy solo meals. A house to myself is weirdly quiet, but it's kind of nice having the space to myself for a few days. I watched girlie things like Ses and the City without shame, stayed up way too late reading in bed without a mumble to turn off the light and more than a few pasta carbonara dinners. Consider it a stay-at-home vacation to indulge in my Secret Single Behavior.

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  1. Mr. Terrace knows all about cooking meals for one but he was nowhere near as successful as you are here. At least not his first time around... Isn't it great to have some time to yourself every once in a while? I find I am able to indulge in the things I can't do when the mister is around. ;) Sounds like you did plenty of enjoying!


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