Thursday, July 29, 2010

Out of Office: Viva la Wasabi-cation

Special News Bulletin - I'm not behind my desk for a change! It's clearly not hot enough in the Pacific Northwest, I need to find a hell-on-earth inferno to scald the skin off my bones. Hm... where to go... how about right in the middle of Nevada? Great idea, Wasabi. Actually, it's more like I'm crashing Wasabi Dad's engineering college reunion which is taking place in Las Vegas, and I'll be living the high life (Miller, that is) in downtown, old-skool Vegas, because that's where the parentals like to roll the bones and feel the rush of $5 blackjack tables and lower minimums. Yes, indeedy, Wasabi Prime is slummin' it in Sin City, ready to hit the buffet lines, and looking forward to a few days being under the blog-radar.

I'll indeed be back. And yes, that's a threat.

I will be on Twitter, so stay tuned for drunken fits of 140 characters or less at @WasabiPrime as I'm pretty sure it'll be magical on so many levels.

The short break won't affect the posting, but either way, please check out all the amazing bloggers on the Om Nom Nom blogroll. I'm sure you already do, but I can't stress enough how fab all those folks are, so give them a visit and a shout-out.

If you're already caught up on blogs and wish to have your mind nosh on something more, check out my guest post on the Wisconsin Cheese Talk blog, where I've got a recipe about tasty cheese curds used in a sweet potato gratin. And when you're done with that, feel free to visit the folks at Serious Eats, where I'm helping out with their Market Scene series, showing off the wares of farmers markets; the first post was about a couple of markets in Bellevue and I'm working on another one for more Eastside cities, so stay tuned!

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  1. Wow, you're vacationing in Vegas! So fun! I wish I were there too. I've heard there are lots of cheap buffets there. lol.

  2. Have a great break! Looking forward to read your post when you are back :)


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