Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FoodTrek: You Had Me at "Plate O' Bacon"

The passion for the Magical Animal will never die, so don't be hatin' on my love of bacon. That sorta rhymes, right? I don't care how many food magazines and trend lists say how bacon is "so over." Don't be sending a quarrel betwixt this aortic doomed love affair of Montague and Capulet proportions (extra crispy, if you please). I had the chance to sample some truly tasty things at new Bellevue restaurant LOT No. 3, and along with a menu item literally named Plate O' Bacon, I went to carbohydrate nirvana and back -- and I'm ready for seconds.

Bacon, Panzanella and Pretzel - the perfect meal!  - Photos by Wasabi Prime

I was very grateful to have a chance to sample all these lovely dishes, which had "comfort food" written all over them. Seriously, menus like this make me so happy, only because I feel like food's gotten rather fussy lately and it's nice to see food getting back to basics. I appreciate the ooh-aahhh factor of nouvelle cuisine and the gastro-science of making olive oil foam, but at the end of the day, with the world in its current state of turmoil, people are just looking for something safe that will make them feel like they really can go home again. Not to say that my mom would bake amazing pretzels from scratch that took six weeks to perfect the recipe -- much props to the kitchen ninjas at LOT No. 3 for taking the time to make so many things from scratch, from all the breads to the butter and mustard that gets spread across it. I don't often break down and indulge in bready baked goodness, but here, I gladly welcome the indulgence.

Drinks so pretty, my liver thinks it's going to Prom - PHotos by Wasabi Prime

I have to give props to a place that eschews the sugar-rimmed, Barbie pink drinks that's more sugar than alcohol, in favor of well-balanced cocktails. There's a menu written on the chalkboard for making your own Manhattan, which I did so with a beautiful 6 year old Sazerac and chocolate bitters. The fire alarm flasher is right by the "Make Your Own Manhattan" chalk writing, and I think it would be funny if it flashed every time someone ordered one, but then I realize it would probably drive people crazy after the third or fourth time.

I've sung the praises of the bartending talents of Mark Sexauer before, and this is yet another place he mixes drinks and schools the masses on why one should just say "No" to crappily-made frosty beverages with processed juices and weird fake dyes. Their bar goes au naturale, using fresh-squeezed juice from an actual fruit, not a carton with a fruit drawn on it. There's a whole crew of bar-tisians (I totally just made that up) at LOT No. 3 who I look forward to having them decide for me what to drink.

Provoking my klepto tendencies - the Precious! We wants the Precious Chairs!! - Photos by Wasabi Prime

On a side note, they have the coolest chairs in the world. Sounds like a weird thing to note, but seriously, can anyone truly doubt the power of BA-Barracus behind these barstools and high bar chairs? Consider yourself warned, LOT No. 3, lest I'm unable to keep my Mr. Hyde-like alter-ego from kletomaniacally whisking off one of those amazing chairs, because they would look fantastic against our concrete countertops in our kitchen!

Get more details over my adventure at LOT No. 3 with the article I wrote for the Downtown Bellevue Network. But I leave you with a parting glance at the overall coolness of what I believe will be a new favorite happy hour haunt.

Yes, someone has to rubber stamp every one of those coasters - Photos by Wasabi Prime

Much Wasabi Thanks to the team at LOT No. 3 for letting me om-nom-nom and snap lots of photos. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

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  1. Those chairs do look pretty amazing... and it's pretty difficult to diss bacon, even if it's sliding out of the limelight for a while. (As far as I'm concerned, that's great -- more for me!!)

  2. I love bar-tisians- you need to usher that into common parlance for sure!

  3. It looks like you found a really fun place. Love the coasters!

  4. I'm sorry- did you say bacon panzanella? YUM! I'm not really an obsessive bacon-lover, but that sounds delicious. I also love the eclectic collection of cocktail glasses- so fun and different.


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