Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty - Lovely Blog Award

I received the very kind blessing of being named One Lovely Blog, by Jen from Tiny Urban Kitchen. Her Boston-based blog is a picturesque and delicious way to explore and enjoy the city through her eyes, and she makes amazing dishes. One of my favorite writeups she did was a grand feast for a few lovable (and fuzzy) friends, her incredible Kyaraben on Steroids post. I revisit this post because it's quite amazing, it always makes me smile, and I think you will too when you see it.

Not my picture, and I don't think Sally has a One Lovely Blog growing from her hand, but you get the idea.

I've been very fortunate to virtually "meet" so many lovely individuals in the bloggosphere and the best thing about little kudos like this is being able to pass it along to someone else. So, in the spirit of goodwill towards this act of kindness, it's encouraged to highlight several blogs one has discovered recently. If you wish to nominate one of your favorite blogs (doesn't have to be a food blog; can be anything), here is the simple criteria for One Lovely Blog:

- Link to the person from whom you’ve received the award.
- Nominate blogs you really like, preferably ones you have recently discovered
- Leave a message on the nominees’ blogs telling them of their award!

So with out further adieu, these are the blogs I'd like to award as being One Lovely Blog, and deserving of a crowd-pleasing Oscar speech by Sally Field:

Velveeta Ain't Food - Carli's blog is a delightfully cozy mix of food and life. Always tasty and thoughtful, her writing voice is humorous and very real. You feel like you're reading a note from a good friend or close family member, and the food makes you feel the comforts of home.

Citron et Vanille - Silvia is a personal chef, blogger, and I'm fairly certain she's a muse for the culinary gods. When she's not serving up delicious food for lucky clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, she is dilligently posting daily recipes that look so fresh, you'd swear you were in the heart of summer all year round.

Papawow! - This blog makes me L-O-L to the max because it's never without a smart sense of humor. Written by multiple people, you have the benefit of getting many stories and perspectives. I like that they discuss several food-related topics, list suggested readings, and like the cool teacher everyone wanted, you always feel like you learn something new.

Sweet Paul - Gorgeous blog, as it should be, since its namesake is a food stylist! Beautiful photos, and always an excellent reminder that quality imagery makes all the difference. I like that it's not just about food, but the beautiful things that we surround ourselves with that help inspire what we do every day. A lovely reminder that life must nourish as much as food.

The Eaten Path - I can't read this blog when I'm hungry, so consider yourself forewarned. This is a global jaunt around the world, as the writers contribute posts from several different countries. Along with the flavors of the region, you get a very real sense of where it came from. It's as much of a travel blog as it is for food. It focuses a lot on small family restaurants and the almighty power of street food. Have hunger? Will travel.

* Note: These are not the only favorites I have, so please visit the Links page and see another list of blogs I regularly enjoy. I have several favorites who just got nominated for FoodBuzz Awards as well (remember to vote!), but I figure they're getting plenty of well-deserved attention, and I wanted to highlight some others that I felt were nomination-worthy as well.

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  1. I think blogs are now being considered as popular as the Oscars and Emmy's. Congratulations on your award. :)

  2. Yay! And thanks for the shout-out & introducing me to some new blogs. :) I felt the same way about not wanting to pick the popular blogs because, like you said, they're getting plenty of well-deserved attention. Well said. :)

  3. congrats!

    can't wait to check-out these other blogs:)

  4. First of all, congratulations to YOU! You do, indeed, have a lovely blog. Secondly, thank you so much for your very kind acknowledgment of my blog. I am always surprised when anybody takes the time to read anything that I've written! You are so sweet to continue to read and I really do appreciate all your feedback and comments! Makes a girl feel a little bit appreciated and is a great encouragement at times like this afternoon when I was trying to photograph roasted tomatoes while my 8 month old screamed like a crazy person. Makes me wanna throw down the camera and order a pizza! :) Seriously, I'm honored. Also, thanks for the introduction to these other sites. Gotta go to bed right now, but will definitely check them out. Keep on postin' and I'll keep on reading!

    Carli, Velveeta Ain't Food

  5. Thanks so much for all of the blogger love! Can't wait to dig into some of these blogs. I'm getting feedback from the rest of my crew about their favorite writers and I'll try to keep the vibe going over here on TEP :]

  6. Congratulations! And thanks for the props as well! Keep up the hilarity Wasabi!


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