Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mixed Plate: Oktoberfeast at Wasabi's and Taking a Vacation

Due to work and a busy schedule, we missed a lot of the big public events celebrating Oktoberfest, including something called the Sausagefest over at Redhook Brewery, which would have been funny to have come up with multiple ways of sounding as juvenile as possible, had we gone. Instead, we celebrated the harvest season in our humble abode, with a Beer and Mushroom Sauce Chicken, served with Maple Bourbon Butternut Squash and Zucchini Fritters. Beer and liquor on the dinner table, together at last.

Oktoberfestivus for the Beer-Drinking Rest of us - Photo by Wasabi Prime

It was also a chance to use recipes from two local cookbooks -- the zucchini fritters from Lorna Yee and Ali Basye's Newlywed Cookbook  and the carrot cake recipe from The Grand Central Baking Book, a favorite Seattle bakery sharing its secrets in a really amazing book. The zucchini fritters were a great way to use the last major harvest from our garden, as our zucchini is on its final push. As a side dish, they were a nice savory cake to enjoy with the main course before we were promptly stuffed silly with slices of rich, cream cheese frosting-topped carrot cake.

The main course was simple enough -- chicken breasts pounded flat and a simple mushroom sauce made with a beer reduction, similar to a marsala wine sauce, just substituting a rich flavored beer like a porter or dark ale. Butternut squash was roasted down with a drizzle of maple syrup and bourbon, and then buzzed with cream into a smooth puree for a pretty presentation.

Meet your maker, Mr. Zucchini - Photo by Wasabi Prime

We weren't alone in our Oktoberfeasting -- Mr. Wasabi had just harvested his home-grown hops, so we had our homebrew friends Mr and Mrs. K  + J over to both talk about and drink beer. We sampled some older beers Brock had made, as well as enjoyed a cocktail or two, mixing our alcohol much like the meal. But it was on a full stomach, so don't worry, liquor + food + beer = never fear.

Pan-fried garden goodness - Photo by Wasabi Prime

As to the second part of the post title -- yes, the Prime is taking some time. Off, that is, so Peace-OUT till the end of the month. It's that great time of year when it's before the holidays so airfare hasn't gotten to the point where I need to sell an organ just to visit my family in Hawaii, so I'm taking off these next couple of weeks to spend time with Wasabi Mom and Dad in Hilo-town. But never fear, I will remain active via Twitter (@WasabiPrime) and plan to intake massive amounts of Island Grindz and whatever Wasabi Mom is feeling like cooking -- it never matters because everything tastes so ono when you're with family. I will also be around for at least one University of Hawaii football game, which my parents always host a gathering for, so send some wishes of good luck for UH on their game at Utah State on Saturday the 23rd. While I didn't go there for school, I still want to show some ohana for the 'Bows. Go Warriors!

Carrot cake - the best way to eat your veggies - Photos by Wasabi Prime

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  1. Love the beer and mushroom sauce idea. Love it. Safe travels!

  2. looks so delicious!

    have a nice time!

  3. Have a great vacay!! I'm jealous, would love to be headed to Hawaii right now...


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